Humpty The Hippo Passed Away

This is the saddest thing I heard today. Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is mourning the loss of little Humpty, an orphan hippo saved December 2016, just before Christmas. Humpty was rescued after she became stuck in the mud, trapped in a fast drying pond in Lamu, Northern Kenya.

In a world gone so very wrong, it feels like we too mourn the loss of our innocence with Humpty’s death.

Remembering Humpty

Humpty the Hippo - Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

From the Trust

“Little Humpty died quite unexpectedly. She was actually running and playing in her pond the evening before her death, and the only sign of something being amiss was the fact that her rear end would float more than usual. Sadly, an autopsy revealed that little could have saved Humpty as she had a completely twisted gut, the reasons for which remain a mystery.”

You can read more here

The Loss of our Beloved Hippo, Humpty

Humpty the Hippo - Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Humpty the Hippo - Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Humpty the Hippo - Sheldrick Wildlife Trust


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  1. Shell says:

    Sad story. Poor little Humpty…

    1. joanna says:

      I was following her story since the Trust rescued her. It was obvious how proud they were of her and how much they loved her. She was often mentioned or turned up in various photos with other rescues. I don’t know why, but reading this today ripped my gut out. Broke my heart. Every day I read wildlife & animal atrocities happening, Everything is appalling.

      And then this little tiny tyke, this bundle of innocence comes along, a baby ‘horse of the river’ (from Greek: Ippos = horse – Potamos = river. And she represents everything Good People are fighting for. And she didn’t make it

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