The Night Queen

Screwing on my tinfoil hat. Game of Thrones S07 is just around the corner and it’s time. Okay, so here’s the thing: lovely Liam Cunningham, better known as Ser Davos of House Seaworth [grand total of fighting men = one], recently said the following in reference to HBO’s teaser “The Long Walk”. The interview is short but you can find the comment at 2:10.

If you look closely and think about it, there’s some indication there

What? Where? Did I miss something? A hasty backtrack to the video with frame by frame microscopic examination did nothing to enlighten me.

White Walker, Game of Thrones S07

When the video came out, it was to throw us a crumb and whet our appetites. As if we needed help with that. I’m positively drooling at this point. Then fans began obsessing with the White Walker’s identity. Wun Wun was the popular candidate but that is unlikely. Jon Snow and the Free Folk know to burn their dead. Apart from that, the White Walker’s name seemed irrelevant. I saw the teaser as a promo, an atmospheric foreshadowing of things to come, three main players, the Long Night is coming and the Dead come with it, almost everyone will die, you know, good stuff.

For those watching the show and paying attention, there seems to be little doubt that the Army of The Dead will reach King’s Landing. In a vision Bran saw a frozen, snow covered, blasted out Throne Room, as did Daenerys.

On a side note and at the risk of getting side-tracked, in her vision, Dany reaches out to touch the Iron Throne but never does. Visions do not lie but they can be misinterpreted [Memories of Melisandre]. However lack of actual physical contact with the Throne is significant and may indicate certain eventualities: Dany will never be Queen because the structure, governance and what remains of Westeros is changed forever. The unknown quantity is whether Dany survives at all.

Crew dusts the Throne Room set with fake snow for Daenerys’ vision scene. S02 – E10 “Valar Morghulis”. Helen Sloan/HBO

Now let’s get back to the video and Cunningham’s hint dropping. After another coffee and glaring at my screen, this is what I noticed:

The video cover chosen by the production team is of Cersei, and the video ends with Cersei, Cersei’s breath condensating and the White Walker close-up. I don’t intend getting caught up in a “Whodunnit Cersei – Valonqar” discussion because that’s a whole other subject. Cersei will die, how we don’t know. But, apart from the obvious purpose of the video, and heralding the Great War to Come, could the following be a possible scenario?

What if, when Cersei dies, she rises up not as a Wight, but a White Walker. As the Queen of the White Walkers – the Night Queen.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to call me crazy or blame it on Davos.


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  1. I really like your suggestion, that the walk teaser portends Cersei’s death and resurrection as the Night Queen.

    Cersei is pretty much outnumbered now, so her defeat seems imminent, but what if her defeat just pushes her up the ladder of power, but at the cost of her flesh and blood humanity? (She lost her spiritual humanity when Tommen died…)

    Cersei and her knack of failing upwards. Thank you for bringing your post to my attention, I enjoyed watching the Cunningham interview as well.


    1. joanna says:

      So I’m not entirely crazy. I’ve seen fan artwork in the past of Cersei in White Walker mode, but I’ve also seen similar stuff of Jon Snow. There may be theories of WW Cersei out there but personally I’ve never seen them. You tend to chalk it up as creativity but not much more than that. Only after Cunningham’s comment and scouring for a “what could he mean”, could I find this as a detail of possible significance. On the other hand it may mean nothing at all. It was not an idea I already had.

      I noticed you tweeted my post :)

      1. It might just be creative license on the part of the show runners to have a cool twist in the teaser, and Davos might be pulling our legs somewhat. Still, I support this kind of speculation. Especially because of the snowy (or ashy) throne room visions.

      2. joanna says:

        Definitely, it may just be creative license. I don’t think Cunningham was pulling our legs. It’s not his style. Either it was a generality, White Walkers sweep through Westeros and besiege King’s Landing, end of the world whatnot. Or, it was entirely specific and that was what I was searching for. And that jumped out at me – it was actually surprising when I connected the dots. Or not :) We shall see.

        Edit: You’re completely right about Cersei losing her last shred of humanity. It would seem fitting as the final rung in her downward spiral to mutate into a non-human entity. Almost like the evil inside will manifest physically, her human beauty gone forever.

      3. I look forward to more tinfoil theories!

      4. joanna says:

        Did you see the end of my last comment? I edited and added something

      5. Ooh, nice updated thoughts on Cersei!

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