Humans Never Learn

For everything we do, and for everything done, there is a chain reaction. Imagine the tidal wave a ripple can cause when the action is global related. Shame we can’t live for a few hundred years – you would see it played out.

If I drop a piece of litter. And another guy drops a piece of litter. And the next guy, and the next, very soon we have a rubbish dump. And then we have a health problem. And rat infestation. Then toxic waste. And poisonous fumes drifting into the sky. And into the earth. Then we dig another hole and throw our waste there. And another and another. We kill tree life which creates oxygen and plant life for insects to pollinate. The insects die. Animals die or go extinct. In no time we’ve created an irreparable scab on the earth’s surface. And contributed to global warming.

Shortsightedness is the bane of society

Twitter is loaded with tosh. But sometimes you find the good stuff. I follow the wonderfully sarcastic but deeply caring British comedian Ricky Gervase.

@rickygervais is in your face. He hones in on stupidity and makes no bones about it. A recent tweet was about a particular article as recommended important reading. In the comments, the naysayers poo-pooed it, called it fear porn and a bunch of other stuff I can’t remember.

I say read up, look at history, connect the dots. Understand that decisions made today have long tentacles. I was going to title this post “The Trump Effect”. But then I’d have to look at his name in bold as well as that face. That’ll teach me not to write about this shite. Maybe I’ll do the scary movie [peek through ya fingers] thing.

Read Tobias Stone’s article:

History Tells Us What Will Happen Next With Brexit And Trump

Keep in mind that the article is an opinion piece. But a very compelling one. The author is not saying such and such will happen. Rather that based on historical hindsight, a clear cause and effect pattern can be traced. He presents us with plausible scenarios. Read the author’s answers to readers who simply didn’t get it – Tobias Stone in reply

A case in point for my own argument:

Uninformed beleaguered masses invariably get it wrong

History is trying to teach us a lesson. Perhaps it’s time we learnt it.

*For what it’s worth,  words and quotes are mine.

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  1. Shell Kelsay says:

    I just read your brilliant post. I’ve been out and about all day. I loved it, of course :)

    1. joanna says:

      It’s what we already talked about with a little extra. I’ve read so much astounding rubbish these days. Oh well :)

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