Goldie The Chicken

Welcome to Goldie’s world.

What do you do when a chicken prefers your bedroom to hers? Why, go with the flow of course and make her a comfy bed. Goldie’s no ordinary lady. She’s one of those chickens you want to cuddle. She lives with her sisters across the big pond in a far away land.

A fine feathered hen, Goldie dutifully lays a fresh egg each day. Each morning she waits patiently in the garden, pushing her pointy beak against the french door windows.

Let me in,
I got eggs to lay,
D’em udder hens don’t gimme no privacy,
Please let me in,
I promise I’ll be good,
I’ll make the biggest bestest egg ya’ever saw,
It will be blue hued so you know it’s mine,
It will be round and smooth,
And scrumptious,
And extra golden,
Perfect boiled, scrambled or fried,
Please let me inside

Small pause, door opens. Goldie waddles in, beelines across the carpet to the bedroom and heaves a huge sigh.

Goldie going to the bedroom

My basket! Yuppee! Here I go! Plop!

Goldie's Eggs

I feel gooood dadadaduh! Time to go play!

Goldie Goes Out to Play

Goldie and the Gang!

Goldie and the Gang

Goldie’s Hen House!

Goldie's Hen House

For Shell, my dear friend


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Shell says:

    I have NO words for how much I love this post!!! My beautiful Goldie, I love her so much. What a fantastic poem and story!!!
    Thank you Joanna!!!

    1. joanna says:

      So glad you like it Shell :) xxx

  2. This was a fun read! :-) Goldie seems like a pretty cool girl

    1. joanna says:

      It’s great isn’t it? :) Goldie and her “sisters” belong to my friend Shell and her mum. Apparently she still comes in on a daily basis even when she has no egg to lay … just to hang out.

      Shell told me the other day another chicken, Aloha, snuck into Goldie’s basket to lay an egg. When Goldie arrived she saw Aloha on her nest and sat right on top of her until Aloha left. Hah!

  3. Teresa Clark says:

    Such a cute story… nice poem Johanna

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