One Elephant is Killed Every 15 Minutes

Join the Movement. Help Save the Elephants.

The Illegal Ivory Trade claims 36,000 elephants every year. That’s one every 15 minutes. At this rate none will be roaming in the wild in 2025. The price of Ivory has never been higher. It’s now more worth more than gold. Anyone who buys Ivory has blood on their hands. Together, we can save the elephants. Visit to learn how.

Share The Love – It’s Easy.

Before you do anything else, please watch this video.

Then head on over to and discover all the great things you can do:

1. Sign the Petition and make a difference
2. Send an email to 15 friends – Help educate and spread the word. You tell 15 friends > they tell 15 friends > together we make a difference.
3. Foster an Orphaned Elephant
4. Download, print and share iworry materials
5. Join the Digital March For Elephants
6. Wear Your Support – Buy A Sticker, Wristband, T-Shirt or Postcard

Follow The Movement
Twitter @IworryTrade
FaceBook IworryTrade

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Join the Movement. Help Save the Elephants -


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