To Snow or Not To Snow

Kit Harington loves to rain on my parade. After months of silence, sightings in Belfast and the Season 6 shoot, he still says he’s dead. Jon Snow is dead, gone to the dawgs, kicked the bucket.

Death however is an abstract concept on Game of Thrones. People come back, faces get recycled, bodies are ‘Frankenstein-ed’ by Qyburn in his musty dusty mad scientist workshop.

And Season 06 sees Jon reborn as Jon Targaryen who may also be Azor Ahai aka The Prince That Was Promised. HBO, the showrunners, actors, in fact everyone involved, get plausible deniability – “We said Jon SNOW, this one is a Targaryen, get it?”. Whereupon we all mumble under our breaths something to the tune of “We know you were jerking our chain for the past 12 months, we know it, and you know we know it”. But we are secretly as pleased as Punch .. and Judy. Whack whack whack.

Night's King & Jon Snow
The Prince That Was Promised by Ertaç Altınöz

This incredible artwork has been floating around the net since last year. Along with several fan theories, many of which I also read last year. “Oh yes” I said, “interesting, Jon comes back as a White Walker” and brushed it aside. Because I don’t want that. I want him to come back the way he was, but better. I want a Prince that Was Promised in human form. Denial is a powerful thing. I also read somewhere about an Ice Dragon, and a possible showdown with Daenerys’ babies. Also brushed aside. “Nah” says me “that would be crazy, too expensive production wise, all that CGI” – denial denial denial.

The time has come for us to consider several scenarios, responsible Throners that we are:
1. The first would be we stick to the plan – Jon comes back warm-blooded and we all get that warm fuzzy feeling
2. Jon comes back as a White Walker Prince – tricks the Night’s King into thinking they’re on the same side, but they really aren’t. Jon destroys the Night’s King with or without an Ice Dragon
3. Jon comes back as an Evil White Walker, the son or protégée of the Night’s King. They may or may not have an Ice Dragon. They lay waste to everything and everyone, minus a lucky few.
4. Jon Snow is really dead – he ain’t coming back dead or alive and we shoot ourselves on the spot. Or we go out and get really drunk. The second option is preferable.

White Walker Jon isn’t what I want but it’s a definite possibility.
And it would be S P E C T A C U L A R

Thoughts anyone?

Jon Snow as a White Walker
Please contact me if you are the artist, I would love to credit the image.


17 Comments Add yours

  1. I assume that Melisandre will resurrect him. My dad was convinced that Jon will warg into his wolf Ghost, and be a direwolf from now on. (BOOOORINGGGGG)

    For fun, I floated around the theory that Jon’s corpse will be warged into by Bran, who will animate it as a good guy. Jon’s good looks, and Bran’s childlike perspective. (OR EVIL PERSPECTIVE! BRAN IS THE NEW WITCH KING OF THE NORTH!!!!!!)

    I don’t mind the show runners or Harrington trying to mislead us, it’s all fun.

    Unless Jon is really dead. Then I riot.

    Jonnnnnnn Snooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!

    1. joanna says:

      I don’t mind that they have deliberately driven us bonkers for the last year. As long as we get our dentist’s sweet at the end

      1. TRUTH! So say we all!

      2. joanna says:

        Maybe your dad got confused with the theory of Jon warging temporarily into Ghost, possibly with Bran’s help, and then back to Jon again.

      3. It’s possible. He gets confused easily. (If you read my blog post on how people pronounce the names of the characters weirdly, you’ll see that I feature my dad prominently.)

      4. joanna says:

        ahahaha :) silly, aww, poor Dad. Seriously, if Jon doesn’t come back in any way – it changes everything. And I have no idea AT ALL about what could happen in this scenario. His character is pivotal to so many follow-on stories

      5. joanna says:

        Patrick, send me the link for the weird names so I don’t have to wade through your blog.

      6. At the top of any of the pages, click on the Game of Thrones label. The page that comes up has links to all of my posts. If you scroll down to the miscellaneous section, I think the first link is called something like “Arya Sure That’s How It’s Pronounced?”

        Something like that.

        I’m on my iPad at the moment. If I am giving you bad directions, I will try again when I get home and can bring up two windows on my desktop.

      7. joanna says:

        can’t find miscellaneous. there is an uncategorized section in the drop down menu but the top post is #WesterosWednesday Lensday

      8. Sadly, you are looking in the wrong place. It might be because of how you are viewing the page.

        (Typical of me, to blame you.)

        If you go to you will find my big GoT link aggregation page with the miscellaneous section in the body of the page.

      9. joanna says:

        ok got it – was looking in the wrong place

      10. joanna says:

        double yay, I’m cracking up. Have you noticed the cast pronounces in different ways too? No-one can seem to agree on how to say Maester and the family name Tyrell has different versions. Loras pronounces it “Tirell” like the Tyrol region in Austria – Tywin : “Tie-rell”, which seems to be the correct way. Cersei buggers the name as well

      11. Yeah, no one says Tyrell consistently. I think that’s cool.

      12. That is indeed the one. Congratulations! (Thank you for your perseverance.)

      13. joanna says:

        joanna, middle name = stubborn

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