Game of Thrones: 5 Predictions

For the first time, GRR Martin book readers find themselves at an unprecedented disadvantage. They share the same “You Know Nothing” boat with humble mortals who only watch the TV show. The author, show runners, cast and crew are in the know. But they’re not telling. The rest of us are wandering around in the dark. This is seriously exciting because anything could happen. Endless possibilities boggle the mind. The result is a maddening bitter sweet torture until we finally get our junkie dose come April – for 10 weeks. At which point the annual Groundhog Day countdown, or meltdown for some, starts all over again, and we revert back to honorary candidates for the loony bin.

Possible Spoilers – Continue at Your Peril
What follows are five ideas from My Very Long Personal List of Wishes and Possible Scenarios for the upcoming season and beyond, in no particular chronological order or season to come. None are from leaked scripts, inside information or a crystal ball. With that in mind, there is a possibility of me hitting the nail on the head at least once.

Not On My List is Jon Snow reborn as Azor Ahai, the Prince That Was Promised, wielding Lightbringer (I personally think Longclaw will ‘morph’ into Lightbringer), because quite simply, we’ve been talking about that for years. Yes, we want Jon to rise up, go forth, slay enemies, right wrongs and be our hero.

And I’m not going to rehash the R + L = J fan theory of Jon as the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark – another endlessly discussed topic awarded with a firm stamp of approval.

Everything you read below is based on the assumption that Jon Snow is not dead – an idea which may crash and burn in a few short months. At which time I will go back to hiding under my rock.

#1 White Walkers Don’t Climb Walls.

Why not? Because they don’t have to, that’s what gates are for.

Recap: (S05 – episode 10) Jon tells Sam what happened at Hardhome and talks about The Army of the Dead – “I hope they’re not going to learn how to climb The Wall”.

There are two ways and passages we know about through the Wall and out the other side. One is the Inner and Outer Gate at Castle Black. The second is the forgotten Black Gate with a secret passage under the Wall leading to the Nightfort. If you remember, Sam read about it in a very old book and used it to escape with Gilly from beyond the Wall. Bran and Co. used the same passage to find the Three-Eyed Raven in the Lands of Always Winter.

In “A Song of Ice and Fire”, the Night’s King was the thirteenth Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch who fell in love with the Night’s Queen. Thirteen years of cruelty and black sacrifices brought rebellion. Brandon the Breaker of House Stark, King of the North and Joramun, King Beyond the Wall, joined forces, defeated the Night’s King and freed the Night’s Watch.

According to the books, only a Man of the Night’s Watch can open the Black Gate. And only the living can pass through. The Night’s King commandeered the Nightfort as his personal castle, so it is entirely logical to presume he regularly used the Black Gate, and not Castle Black, to go beyond the Wall.

The army of the Night’s King was destroyed, but was he killed? Osha told Maester Luwin that the White Walkers weren’t gone, they were only sleeping. So was the Night’s King sleeping?

GRR Martin says no:

”As for the Night’s King (the form I prefer), in the books he is a legendary figure, akin to Lann the Clever and Brandon the Builder, and no more likely to have survived to the present day than they have”.

But Game of Thrones is a different beast to the book series. The Night’s King in the show could be one and the same. Although dead, he may be able to open the Black Gate. Perhaps the character on the show is today’s Night’s King, and the secret location is passed down from one king to the next. Or perhaps the Black Gate is left open by a Man of the Night’s Watch, accidentally or by design. Or maybe a huff and a puff would do the trick.

Either way we still have Castle Black. Only Valyrian steel and dragon glass can stop a White Walker. Bashing down a gate of four inch cold-rolled steel seems like a Sunday outing for a bunch of White Walkers, manic wights and the Army of the Dead.

#2 Jon Snow Loves Redheads.

We haven’t really had a great romance since the Khal Drogo – Khaleesi, Jon – Ygritte days. Missandei and Grey Worm have a kiss n’ cuddle. Sam and Gilly have the sweetest love moment in the history of television, and probably cinema. That’s about it.

In the books, Jon and Arya have a secret unrequited romance which hasn’t happened in the show. After all, they’re supposed to be (half) brother and sister. So it would be naughty, right? Of course that didn’t stop Cersei and Jaime. Moving on ..

It is difficult to picture Maisie Williams who plays Arya, with Jon, cute as she is. So here’s an idea, how about Jon with Sansa? Actress Sophie Turner and Kit Harington are visually suited. Jon has a special connection with women ‘kissed by fire’ – Ros, Ygritte, even Melisandre. The last time Jon and Sansa saw each other, she was a silly spoiled air-head searching for a prince, and he was the Bastard of Winterfell with a massive chip on his shoulders.

That was five years ago. They’ve grown up, become wiser, fiercer and more beautiful. They have attained an air of nobility. Perhaps Jon is the prince Sansa searches for. If you take for a given that they are cousins and not siblings, it is doable. And she’s a redhead.

#3 The Battle for Winterfell.

By end of Season 5 there are several players in the vicinity. Theon and Sansa took a leap of faith. Presumably they survived. Brienne has just executed Stannis. Baelish is on the way with the Knights of the Vale, the Free Folk must be somewhere near. And then there is Jon. Ser Davos pointed out that he would do more good rescuing the North from the Boltons than sitting in a frozen castle at the edge of the world. Now he is free to do so, betrayed by his own men, reborn and released from his vows.

Possible Scenario: Sansa is re-captured by Ramsay. Soon after, Baelish arrives with his army. He sees the bodies on the battlefield and proceeds cautiously, as is his way. He enters Winterfell, accompanied by some of his knights. Ramsay brags of Stannis’s defeat. Baelish sees Sansa’s dishevelment. In the meantime, Jon and the Free Folk, Ser Davos, and Melisandre are closing in on Winterfell. Brienne is already there with Podrick. When the attack begins, Baelish, a self-serving man, turns on the Boltons. An all-out battle ensues.

There are question marks in my mind about the fate of Sansa and Theon, and whether or not they are re-captured by Ramsay. It could be that they are saved by Brienne.

What is certain is that the Boltons are defeated. Melisandre misinterpreted many visions in the fire, but seeing herself on the battlements of Winterfell with ‘Bolton banners lowered’ could not be clearer. The Lords of Winterfell have returned.

#4 Who Kills Ramsay Bolton?

We all cheered when Joffrey died. We may even declare a Public Holiday when Ramsay is killed – The Ramsay Bolton Day. But who gets the honours? Who kills Ramsay? No-one has more cause than Theon. Even Sansa’s abuse hasn’t reached that level.

Jon is a proven warrior, more than a match for Ramsay. So is Brienne. But Brienne’s mission was never to kill Ramsay, it was to protect and defend the daughters of Catelyn Stark. Sansa is another possibility, but she is no Arya, not yet at least.

Avenging Winterfell and ridding the North of the Boltons is down to House Stark. Theon is the ward of Lord Eddard Stark. Although not a true match for Ramsay, Theon must regain his honour. His path to redemption lies in renewing his allegiance to House Stark. And so we come to the heart of the matter: will it be Jon or Theon?

It would be poetic justice for Theon stick a dagger into Ramsay’s heart and a deeply satisfying moment for the audience. The best part would be the surprise in Ramsay’s eyes when he realises it’s all over and it is Theon who delivered the mortal blow. The beaten dog finally bites the hand of the cruel master, a truly Tyrion – Tywin tale of revenge and retribution. Arya would love it. Theon’s death is an important event. It would be disappointing if he died from weakness or a random event. I think Theon ends Ramsey’s life defending Sansa or Jon. But he will die in the act.

#5 Daenerys Arrives in King’s Landing.

Recap: During a meeting of the Small Council (S04 – episode 06), Varys gives an update on Daenerys’s army, advisers and dragons. Cersei promptly dismisses her as “a child half a world away” with “baby dragons”, to which Varys replies “larger every year, your grace”.

Something on these lines won’t happen for a long time, but it would be an all-time epic moment.

Possible Scenario: Cersei is in the Red Keep. It is unlikely she’s ever moved out of her comfort zone after her Walk of Atonement, sojourn in the Red Keep dungeons and numerous other events we haven’t seen yet. A dark shadow appears in the sky, followed by another and another. Daenerys swoops in on Drogon, no longer a baby, his head as big as a carriage, a true reincarnation of Balerion the Black Dread. On either side are Viserion and Rhaegal. Pounding at the gates of King’s Landing are all the Unsullied and Second Sons, as well as several thousand enthusiastic Dothraki. The Mother of Madness looks on, astounded but defiant to the bitter end. She is alone. All her children are dead. Jaime is dead. She throws herself off the battlements. Game over.

As the Hound said about a certain chicken bone “I’d pay good money to see that”.

I made a promise to myself – not to watch Season 6 spoiler trailers. I’ve succeeded so far. Alas the flesh is weak – hope I can keep it up. From a dragon loving mortal who would love to hear your ideas. Until the next time ..


28 Comments Add yours

  1. I like all of your predictions and thought processes – especially Theon killing Ramsay. I don’t know if I’m going to dream of Jon and Sansa marrying though, but it’s an interesting take, and I’ve never heard of that.

    I am skeptical about how easy the Night’s King could get his army past the Wall. In the books (which could be different from the show of course) Sam is told that he could open the hidden Black Gate, but his guide could not follow. We’ve seen anti-wight threshold magic employed on the show with the cave that the Children of the Forest and the Three Eyed Raven had as a refuge.

    So I think that climbing over the Wall might still be an option.

    (I talk a little about this when I speculate on the usefulness of the Scythe from the show… )

    It’ll certainly be an interesting season coming up. I can’t wait.

    1. joanna says:

      I’m not really dreaming of Jon and Sansa to be honest. I just think it may happen. And if it does, it will be significant to the plot. I’ve never read the books, although I have read up on them. Been watching the series since the very 1st episode played. Seriously, GOT is the best thing since sliced bread. I spend a ridiculous amount of time wondering about and plotting events to come. I saw your site, don’t have the time right now to check it out.

      1. Totally understand (I wrote ridiculously long articles on Game of Thrones.)

        Game of Thrones is so great, and I love reading people’s predictions and speculations. And I understand your qualifier that your Jon-Sansa theory isn’t based on what you want, but what you think is likely.

        Thumbs up.

        Nice meeting another Game of Thrones fan, putting their thoughts out for discussion on the great show.

      2. joanna says:

        Nice to meet you too Patrick. Sansa – Jon is perhaps likely because I think she will be one of a very small group of “last men standing” at the very end. And by then she will be quite different from the slightly annoying person we know until the end of S04. S05 sees her starting to change, albeit slowly.

        GOT is a classic. It’s so good you forget you’re watching TV. What they have done, and are doing, has never been attempted before – anywhere.

        The only mistake was with the Dorne plot. Underused actors reciting atrocious lines, silly Sand Snakes fight choreography (you can even see where they join 2 frames – bad cutting in the editing department), boob flashes as the camera zooms in. Basically a really bad Christmas panto.

      3. I pretty much agree with everything you say, but … and I know I’m in the minority here… I decided to embrace what they did with the Dorne sequence and try to find some merit in it. (Because I’m a shameless show apologist, mostly.)

        I swear I’m not trying to force you read my blog, but if you ever get the chance, you can check out my pro-Dorne post and refute me. It’s cool. I love discussions…

      4. joanna says:

        I will read your posts I promise. Would I lie to you? Never

      5. It would be ungentlemanly of me to imply otherwise!

        Take your time, they’re not going anywhere. I mostly write them as therapy to help pass the time in-between-seasons.

      6. joanna says:

        I haven’t written about the show before because it would feel like I’m covering ground that other people wrote about. Having said that, I mentally predicted stuff which happened, and even worked out the R + L = J fan theory months before anyone published it on the net. Which is quite a feat for someone who hasn’t read the books.

        No, I just like to drive my best friend bananas whenever she visits. She loves the show too, but in no way is she as caught up, or as knowledgeable, as me. Plus I binge watch all the seasons every few months. I find myself saying “OK! I will not watch it again”, something which never really works.

      7. Kudos to you on R + L = J just from show clues. It’s not obvious in the books, but there is certainly more there to shine a light on.

      8. joanna says:

        I’m like the ‘late’ Walder Frey. I worked it out but others got to the battle and I was still twiddling my thumbs.

      9. About your friend… I have a buddy who I used to work with (he retired, an older guy) who hadn’t read the books. During the first season, he made a lot of smug predictions… Jon would rush south and join Robb and together they would rescue Ned… Dany and Drogo would land in Westeros at the end on season 1… Stuff like that.

        He was quite surprised.

        He admitted that his confidence was misplaced, but gamely would make huge lists of predictions before each season started. He really tries to predict what happens. So far, Melisandre is more accurate.

      10. joanna says:

        And she’s terrible at interpreting her visions. She sees all and knows nothing. Sound familiar? BTW irrelevant but I just have to say it. I do miss the Hound. All sorts of favourite GOT quotes are out there, but nobody seems to remember this: The Hound and Arya spying outside the tavern when Polliver comes out – “He killed my friend Lommy” – “What the fuck’s a Lommy?” Priceless!

      11. I love that quote. The Hound was pretty laconic, but when he talked it was always gold.

      12. joanna says:

        I’m reading your Sand Snakes thingy – you were right – it’s long, but very amusing

      13. :-) Thank you, it’s nice to hear that.

      14. joanna says:

        I am thinking about what I will write in the comments. It might take me a while to compose because you wrote so much stuff – where to start? How to sift the wheat from the chaff?

      15. LOL!

        Take your time, and thank you, I look forward to reading your feedback.

    2. joanna says:

      Patrick, been thinking about what you said – “I am sceptical about how easy the Night’s King could get his army past the Wall. In the books (which could be different from the show of course) Sam is told that he could open the hidden Black Gate, but his guide could not follow.”

      1. What I mean by that is this… in the books, Sam is brought to the Black Gate by someone who couldn’t enter because they probably weren’t living. A man of the night’s watch is needed to open the gate, and the living can pass through it.

      2. I’m trying to be cagey about it, since the show dropped that particular occurence, and I’m hoping they’ll bring the character back. I don’t want to say more, to minimize possibly spoiling stuff.

        The way the book deals with things is kind of a mystery, but the show would have no choice but to be more obvious.

      3. joanna says:

        And you are right to be cagey. The show has to condense and re-arrange events – it’s the only way to do it. Even if I’m not stuck on the idea of the Black Gate, it is a possibility, which if used, I’m sure they’ll find a way to get around it. But of course there are the gates at Castle Black, an option I mentioned in the post. The giants made relatively short work of the Outer Gate. And I do love the idea of 100’s of thousands of wights hurtling through the passage. Which brings us to our next conclusion. The Night’s Watch becomes redundant, they are all dead, with no enemy left to protect Westeros from since they all got through.

      4. I love your train of thought, and I also think it’s right to talk about the show based on show info (because the books can certainly do things differently)

        So, assuming the wights bust through the Wall, the Night’s Watch are pretty much non-existent, and the North is a mess without the leadership of the Starks and their “Summer is for squabbles. In Winter we share our strength” attitudes and leadership.

        And the next area after the North is the Riverlands, with the unsavory Freys in charge. It’s interesting to think that the first lines of defense will be Roose Bolton and Walder Frey.

      5. joanna says:

        That is something I would love to see – panic and mayhem. Dirty old man Walder Frey and ruthless Roose Bolton up to their neck in White Walkers and the like. But Winterfell lies in their path .. so .. what happens there? The “Others” just walk through? God this is exciting! :)

      6. Frey: Lord Walder, there’s a huge army north of the Twins, heading this way.

        Walder: What of it? They’ll all freeze in this weather before they batter down my gates. And good luck getting across the river without my bridge, I daresay.

        Frey: My lord, they’re streaming into the river, and making some kind of huge floating bridges with their bodies. They’re crossing the river.

        Walder: Hah! Don’t lie to your lord, you pup.

      7. joanna says:

        Ahahahahaha! Great! Only one edit: you ‘insolent’ pup.

      8. (I also typo’d. It’s “they batter” not “the batter”, but your suggestion for the qualifier on pup is right on!)

      9. joanna says:

        Saw the typo but didn’t want to spoil the moment. I’m still laughing, Will edit the batter and make a roast just for you

      10. :-) Thank you so much!

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