The Greek Way

I was watching the news during the recent banking crisis in Greece. People in Athens were out at cafes & bars drinking and eating. A BBC reporter asked “How can you do that?” Answer “well we don’t keep our money in the banks anyway. If we go down we might as well do it in style”.

Don’t You Just Love Greeks?

Philosophizing on life is a national pastime. People are passionate, extreme, stubborn and C’est La Vie all at the same time. I am no exception. I jotted down a few things I’ve said to friends – thought I post’em here. The first one seems particularly relevant to the refugee crisis in Europe, although at the time we were talking about something completely different.

    Damn money – I hate it, I think we should go back to the barter system, I give you eggs, you give me a ticket to Austria
    What would I do with a poet or scholar? live in a dusty library? Or stare at his spectacles all day?
    There are many idiots on the planet – we can’t shoot them all although I wish we could
    If I were brilliant I’d be rich, but I ain’t and I’m not
    I hate rich people, not because they are rich, but because they don’t do anything useful with their money
    I’ll be at the ATM for 24 hours, take sandwiches, coffee, a book ..

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  1. Teresa Clark says:

    Okay…a little negative but said with a sense of humor Johanna….love the photo…Teresa

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