Cecil The Lion Who Rocked The World

Cecil was viciously murdered by Walter Palmer. His death is only the tip of the iceberg. Thousands of animals are killed every week in a thousand different vicious ways.

I’ve read all the arguments, been subjected to off-the-topic comments about “what about all the babies killed” etc – my soul is very weary these days. Humans are indeed a bad and curious lot. Some people talk about legal killing. Since when was it legal to kill? If I buy a licence do I get to kill humans? So what if poorer countries are forced into the impossible situation of selling licences to kill? Does it mean we should buy them? I am sick of those who justify trophy hunting. I am sick of ritual animal slaughter. I am sick to my stomach with the knowledge that only 4 northern white rhinos are left on the planet. I am sick of rich white shits who parade around in their chinchilla fur coats, hang an elephant tusk or two in their living room, show off their brand new sealskin handbag.

Conflicting reports came in tonight that Jericho, Cecil’s comrade in arms, was also killed today. However Brent Stapelkamp, field researcher for the Hwange Lion Research Project which is monitoring the lion with a GPS tag said “He looks alive and well to me as far as I can tell”. Others say it may be another lion but I am still waiting for the final news.

Update / Jericho is Alive!

Jericho is alive! by Brent Stapelkamp

Jericho is alive! Jericho seen early Sunday morning – Photo by Brent Stapelkamp

Brent Stapelkamp “met” Cecil the Lion while he was alive. He took all the photos in this post.

Murder as A Hobby.

Humans have been cruel to humans since time began. But why do we have to subject animals to our sociopathic murderous hobbies and frivolous fashion trends? As one Facebook user so aptly said “What is so appalling is the lack of respect for our natural world and its delicate eco-web”. Let’s just kill each other off – at least we will save the planet – which was doing fine before we came along.

The largest percent of trophy hunters are from the blood thirsty, gun-toting USA where killing each other & bombing foreign nations seem to be a national pastime. It has been said that Theodore Roosevelt trapped or killed more than 11,000 animals during a 1909 African safari.
Many others come from the UK. China has a huge market for importing animal parts & does its’ fair share of killing off its’ own animal & wildlife population.

The only good thing that might come out if this tragedy is that the world finally woke up. And maybe just maybe there will be permanent sanctions. Zimbabwe issued a temporary ban on hunting lions, leopards and elephants. US Lawmakers are drafting the CECIL ACT to Curb Trophy Hunters. And the The Myth of Trophy Hunting as Conservation is finally being shot down.

Walter Palmer is A Repeat Offender.

As if it wasn’t sickening enough that Palmer is palming off responsibility to his equally criminal guides, in 2008, he pleaded guilty to making false statements to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service about killing a black bear in Wisconsin. He shot the animal outside the area that he had a permit to hunt in and then lied to authorities about where he had killed it, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune. He was sentenced to one year of probation and fined close to $3,000.

I’m wondering how many hate messages I’ll get after I publish this post. But you know what? I don’t care. Bring it on.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Shell says:

    Great post!!! Why in gods name would you ever receive hate mail for simply speaking TRUTH?? People need to wake up!!! All of your points are brilliant and well written! Bravo!!!

    1. joanna says:

      Thank you Shell! Hate mail comes the Hunting Lobby and people who don’t want to look at themselves in the mirror. You expose them for what they really are.

  2. Human is the worst kind :(

    1. joanna says:

      Ioanna, I will never understand this – never … you should watch the Jimmy Kimmel video in this post – he gets it exactly right: https://jldweb.wordpress.com/2015/10/15/cecil-the-lion-killer-walter-palmer-gets-away-with-murder/

      1. I will, thanks for sharing this Joanna!

      2. joanna says:

        You’re welcome δεσποινίς Ιωάννα :) Χριστός Ανέστη!

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