Summer’s Gone

A Day For Hot Chocolate.

Today I had my end of summer hot chocolate. Who drinks that in the summer? The cafe was empty, only us, one waiter, and a huge marmalade tomcat jumping from roof to roof. A few Korean tourists, probably from the cruise ship anchored in the waters of the Caldera, were wandering around. They looked a bit lost and strangely surprised that everything was shut. A golden light shimmered across the bay to the Volcano – what a day.

My lady at the kiosk told me that “Winter is Coming” on Friday. We always talk about the weather and her latest knitting creations. Only 3 more days and then time to wrap up ..

Santorini - Fira Caldera © jldweb

Hot Chocolate in Santorini © jldweb

Santorini Volcano Sunset © jldweb

Santorini - Fira Caldera © jldweb


9 Comments Add yours

  1. Misha Alexis says:

    I love it. You are an awesome writer. I was totally transported to your little cafe, enjoying the hot chocolate…..Thank you for sharing and for the beautiful pictures. Love always. Misha.

    1. joanna says:

      Misha – hey and hello :) I wish I had a decent camera. The photos were taken with my antique mobile phone – everything turns out speckly & I can’t capture the colours

      1. Misha Alexis says:

        It is still absolutely awesome. It even makes it more authentic and personal. Camera for Christmas…..

  2. Shell says:

    Joanna! Beautiful photos!!!!!loved your little story I felt like I was there with you…I’m a fan of your writing, always :)

    1. joanna says:

      I went with my friend Roulla today – it was so amazing Shell

      1. Susan says:

        That was great Joanna. I felt as though I was there with you. Your Greece is so very beautiful, thank you for sharing. XXX Susan

      2. joanna says:

        Susan, can you see how empty everything is now? they’ve packed up and gone to Hawaii :) it’s only us now, a few friends, lots of cats and mules

  3. Teresa Clark says:

    Ah…Joanna…it’s lovely…so cold here…22 degrees. Do not leave for Florida till after Christmas.

    1. joanna says:

      Teresa – not so lovely today, overcast cloudy Santorini – looks like rain

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